Introduction and Welcome

Welcome to our site for ETEC 511, proudly brought to you by Barbara, Ky, Perdeep, and Debbie. 

Psychoanalysis, Phenomenology, and Educational Technology
Psychoanalysis and phenomenology both provide us with insight on how technology can be understood in learning and teaching. In particular, both disciplines pay close attention to the objects and the material world which includes technology as the central part of a learning process. The tradition of psychoanalysis which has defined humans in continuous relationship with objects leads us to the further understanding of how we learn and become subjects in the process of interacting with technologies (Please find further discussion in Psychoanalysis section). In comparison, the tradition of phenomenology has emphasized how we know and learn through our experience with the outside material world. The phenomenological understanding of technology enables us to rethink the way in which we learn and know; learning is accompanied by bodily experience and contextualized knowing, and technology can play substantial roles in the process of embodied knowing. (Please find further discussion in Phenomenology section)

The Unit Schedule
Please take a moment to read our agenda, summaries of the course readings under the respective headings, then head over to Vista for the discussions.  We’ll wrap up the week’s discussion with a Live Chat on Saturday, November 6 at 7:00pm (Vancouver time) in the Skyscraper Chat Room.

1.  Please read Agenda (as emailed) and sections of this unit blog.
2.  Complete the course readings by Tuesday, November 2.
3.  Respond to at least 3 questions by Wednesday, November 3
4.  Respond to at least 2 of your peers’ responses by Thursday,  November 4
5.  Attend the live forum on Saturday, November 6 at 7:00pm (Vancouver time).

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